Ventless Gas Fireplace

Through the years, one of the single most impressive features of any home has been and still is the fireplace. It tends to be the center of family relaxation, a place around which friends and loved ones can gather to recall warm memories or create new ones. If you want to add a fireplace to your home it can be costly, logistically impossible or against certain building codes. For these situations and others like them there is a solution, the ventless gas fireplace.

With ventless gas fireplaces you can get around what ever obstacle that may exist. In fact, one of the outstanding features of these fireplaces is that you can install them virtually anywhere in your home. Whatever your designated fireplace area calls out for can be accommodated. A whole range of sizes and shapes, including corner units can be placed with very few restrictions.

Like traditional fireplaces, the ventless gas fireplace can be a surprisingly good source of heat, not just decorative fixtures. Many of these fireplaces produce over 30,000 BTUs. Blower options are also commonly available for better heat distribution. Additionally, a large number of them do not require any electricity so they can continue to provide warmth even during power outages.

On top of their functionality, these types of fireplaces are incredibly attractive. With lifelike and often hand-painted ceramic logs and special flickering flame mechanisms, their appearance can be quite beautiful. Adding to the beauty are the surrounds and mantel packages. From cast iron to oak and cherry wood, various material and color choices give you virtually limitless decorative options.

The ease of use of the ventless gas fireplaces is another outstanding feature. Most brands and models will have remote control options, not only to start your fire but also to control the size of the flame itself. For your peace of mind, practically all models come with safety shut-off features.

No costly preparation is necessary either. No stone or brick bases need to be built prior to installation. Almost all of the units are fully self-contained — everything you need comes with it or is part of the fireplace itself.

It bears repeating that with the vast array of designs, colors and materials, you will be able to find something that fits your home perfectly. When doing your comparison shopping you might consider brands like Empire, Monessen and Napoleon among others. These brands offer several different models that can mesh with your design vision, functional needs and budget. Remember, even if you are faced with a host of limitations, you will likely find your fireplace solution by choosing from the wide selection of ventless gas fireplaces.

The Benefits of Ventless Gas Fireplaces

When deciding to make any major purchase, it’s a good idea to look at pros and cons on the products you are considering. Ventless gas fireplaces have a lot of benefits; so you might find they are the right choice for you.

One of the pros of a ventless gas fireplace is that they are fueled by gas. Gas is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the expense of purchasing firewood for a traditional fireplace. Cost of the unit itself is another benefit. You can find venless units for less than $400. Of course you can spend more than that if that is within your budget and you want a fancier model, or one with cabinetry or other features.

Another benefit is that ventless gas fireplaces are highly energy efficient. A ventless natural gas fireplace doesn’t have a chimney or venting. Other fireplaces lose a majority of their heat through this venting. A ventless option doesn’t have that problem. It is a much more efficient source of additional heat for a room.

Easy installation is positive feature of this type of fireplace. Installation is greatly simplified because there is no venting, or chimney. This also means you can install the fireplace wherever you want. It doesn’t have to be on an outer wall, it can be wherever you desire. There are even ventless gas fireplace inserts. A ventless gas fireplace insert can be placed in an existing fireplace if you decide you would like to update in that way. Installation of the insert can usually be done by you, the consumer, with no problem.

Ease of use is yet another benefit. Once your fireplace is installed it is simple to use. Most can be turned on with just the flip of a switch. Some models even have remotes you can use to turn your fireplace on and off.

There is no worry about sparks damaging carpet or other objects near your fireplace. There is also no soot or ash to worry about either. Not only does this eliminate concern of stained or damaging your property, but it also simplifies cleanup. Creosote buildup doesn’t happen in a fireplace of this design like it does in a traditional fireplace. There is very little maintenance or cleanup involved with this type of fireplace.

Either the American Gas Association or the Canadian Gas Association certifies ventless gas fireplace logs. They also come equipped with Oxygen Depletion Sensors. These sensors ensure your safety by tracing the level of oxygen in the room. If the level drops below a safe amount than the gas supply is cut off.

One of the few reasons you may not choose a ventless gas fireplaces is if you don’t have an existing gas line in your home. In this case you likely would consider an option that uses a different type of fuel.

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