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Outdoor Fireplace Kits

Outdoor fireplace kits are a great, simple way to install a fireplace outside. If your home is smaller, or if you like entertaining outside, and outdoor fireplace would be a great asset for you. It would provide an inviting atmosphere for people to gather and socializing, not to mention being able to make smokes!

They are great for patios, next to a pool, or anywhere you would like to use one in your yard. Most of these fireplaces don’t have the masonry a traditional fireplace has. This allows you to install it yourself. It is a much less costly option to use outdoor fireplace kits that to construct an outdoor masonry fireplace. In addition, many of these fireplaces are portable, so you can move them to wherever you would like to use them.

Outdoor fireplaces kits provide all the needed components to construct an outdoor fireplace. These prefab outdoor fireplace kits also come with instructions on how to properly install the unit. You may need only a few simple tools for proper assembly.

There are several different fuels used for these kits. Outdoor wood burning fireplace kits are reminiscent of sitting around a campfire. You can enjoy the heat and crackling of the fire just as you would if you were camping. Care needs to be taken where these kits are installed. Be aware of any flammable materials near the unit. These often have features that allow you to use the fireplace to grill.

There are also outdoor gas fireplace kits. These can usually be used with natural, or propane gas, whichever is more convenient for you. Some of them even allow for you to remove the gas conversion so you can have a wood burning option. Most of these are chiminea style fireplaces. This means that there is a duct, usually in the form of a tube that sticks up from the middle of the fireplace.

These provide a place for the smoke to go, which makes it easier for you to enjoy the fire. They are often made of cast aluminum; this makes them more lightweight and easier to manage. They vary in color and style. The neck is often removable to allow for grilling over the flame.

You can also find outdoor stone fireplace kits. When constructed, these look more like the standard fireplace. They are much larger in size, and less portable, although it is still possible to more them. In addition to whatever colors the manufacturer offers, many of them allow for you to add on to the fireplace if you wish. This allows you to embellish the fireplace and have something truly unique.

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