Oak Laminate Flooring

As more and more homeowners look for alternatives to the weaker, hard to install, and expensive hardwood, oak laminate flooring is quickly gaining popularity. Oak laminate floor, on the other hand, is generally extremely durable, very easy to install, and far more affordable than your typical hard wood flooring. What you don’t give up, however, is the beauty of the authentic wood floor, which will be yours for the lower price and ease to install of laminate floors.

As everyone loves the rich colors that oak flooring can provide, oak laminate floor is an awesome choice. Creating a warm feel in your home that welcomes everyone is much easier and cheaper with oak laminated flooring. Oak laminate floor comes in many very natural colors, including honey shades, and some with an almost cherry coloration. Durable laminate floor will add a classy, sophisticated, even dramatic look to your home.

Quick Step Laminate Flooring, Westhollow, and BHK are some of the better known oak laminate floor brands. Although there are many, many more brands out there, these three companies are both very reputable and offer a wide selection of oak laminate in their laminate floor collections. To decide which laminate floor is right for you, you would need to browse through each of their selection. Here, though, is some information with which to get started.

Quick Step Laminate Flooring, a fairly new players in the field of laminate floors, has recently become a popular provider of oak laminate floors due to affordability, ease of use, and style. One of their most stunning selections would be their Natural Oak product. Also, in contrast to Natural Oak would be the Dark Oak option, which is much deeper in color, but still just as gorgeous as Natural Oak. Although these Quick Step Laminate Flooring can be used everywhere in your home, some of their options have beveled edges which are great for adding a decorative touch in living areas and entry ways.

With their Heritage Collection, Westhollow Flooring offers some truly beautiful oak laminate flooring. Cathedral French Oak, for example, is both stunning and affordable. This medium tone laminate floor works great in a staircase, entry way, dining room, or even a living room. From that same range, Barn Milled Oak is another wonderful wood laminate floor. Although the cost is very similar to the French Oak, the color is very different and can show you just how different each oak laminate can be.

Merbau Wood Laminate Flooring

One of the rarer types of wood laminate flooring, as opposed to oak or maple, would be Merbau laminate floor. Rarity, however, does not indicate a lack of desirability. Merbau is usually purchased by people looking to get something special so that their home will stand out from the rest. A great addition to any home, exotic Merbau does exactly that.

Many companies produce great laminate floor that will make your home a house with a character that can only be found using Merbau. Among these companies are Quick Step Laminate Flooring, BHK, and Westhollow. Any of these providers can provide you with Merbau floors that are not only affordable, but durable and beautiful as well.

Merbau Brazil, which is a rich, dark honey color, is a popular choice from Westhollow. Upon installing Merbau Brazil, you will notice that it instantly warms up the living and dining spaces of your home. Westhollow usually retails their Merbau laminate floor at very affordable prices, and it looks absolutely great. Other laminate floor choices from westhollow are also worth a look as there are many different shades from dark to light.

BHK offers a fine selection of merbau wood laminate floor , including a sound guard variety that uses sound dapening materials that are not present with most other brands, as well as a fairly dark Merbau choice. Either of those BHK laminate floor will add style and beauty to your home at an extremely affordable price, something anyone can appreciate. Some of the best merbau colors and tints available can be had from BHK, a very reputable flooring company.

An affordable dark amber colored merbau laminate floor is offered from Quick-Step. Worth every dollar of its already competitive price, the dark amber will brighten your home in an instant and draw appreciative gasps from any visitors you may have. Many consumers choose Quick-Step because they are both simple to install and also relatively affordable.

Regardless of which company you go with, be it some of these quality options or one of the less popular manufacturers, you’re sure to be glad you went with a laminate floor as opposed to hard wood.

All things considered, not only will laminate merbau flooring hold up better than hardwood in high traffic areas, but it is also a great looking, affordable choice. Nothing can take a beating like laminate, especially under the feet of pets and children, all while looking great in and being affordable at the same time.

Maintaining Laminated Flooring

Have you been considering upgrading to laminate floors? Great idea! Laminated flooring is much easier to maintain than just about any other type of flooring, and the various styles available will knock your socks off. It’s also probably the easiest type of flooring to install yourself, if you so choose.

But after your laminated flooring is installed, how do you maintain it? If you’ve been using carpet or hardwood floors, then you’re probably thinking the process of keeping your laminate floor looking nice is going to be a bit different. In part, you would be correct, but laminated flooring is also very easy to maintain.

General cleaning of laminate floors is very simple. A normal sweeping job will take care of any dirt and dust, but you can use a vacuum if you so choose. Using a vacuum cleaner is a much better idea if you have any allergy sufferers in the home, as it contains the dirt and dust instead of knocking it about. Most modern vacuums, and some not so modern, have a switch or lever on them for non-carpeted floors.

If it doesn’t come off using only a broom or vacuum, you may have to put a bit more elbow grease into it. Luckily, a cloth moistened with a very little bit of plain water should take care of it for you. Just be sure to wipe the floor clean with a dry cloth afterward, as standing water is the enemy of the laminate wood flooring. Under no circumstances should your laminated flooring ever be wet mopped as this can lead to warping of the floors. Any standing water should always be cleaned up as soon as possible.

Every once in a while, you may encounter a heavy enough stain that plain water simply can’t touch it. For these times, most flooring retailers, be they online or your local hardware store, carry cleaner specifically made for laminate floors. As it’s very rare that you’ll have such stains, one bottle of laminate floor cleaner will go a long ways. Again, do not attempt to mop your floor with this cleaner. Simply follow the directions on the bottle and your laminated flooring will look like new again.

Never, ever use any kind of chemicals on your laminate floor that were not made especially for it. Any generic soap solutions can cause damage to your floor. Waxes, polishes, and sealers are also both harmful and completely unnecessary. Obviously any type of abrasive material is completely out of the question.

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