Console Table Guide

Undoubtedly, there are several furniture pieces that can be used in decorating the home. Some are for functional use, some for aesthetics and yet, some combine both functional and aesthetic roles. The console table is one of the examples of aesthetically functional furniture pieces as can be testified to by anybody who has seen one of these tables displayed in the home. Well, to an unobservant person it may seem like the table is just for display, but really its functional role is lurking just beneath the surface!

The console table is one of the vintage furniture pieces that still remain relevant even in today’s contemporary home setting. The wide display of console tables in furniture catalogues and stores reveals that these tables are quite popular. You might have even noticed them in movies further solidifying their reputation. Truly, this table is highly regarded.

The elegance of these tables really needs no explanation as it is clearly visible when the table is featured in any setting. The functionality lies in the fact that a lot of the tables can actually serve as storage pieces, especially those with drawers and cabinets. Furthermore, console tables can also be used to display decorative items such as figurines, photo frames and other memorabilia. So if your home seems to be cluttered with several odds and pieces, you can elegantly display them on a console table.

There are several types of tables available in furniture stores and they all vary based on different characteristics. For example there are metal, wooden, glass, and even, marble tables. They also vary in shape as evidenced by rectangular, oval, square, half moon and other differently shaped tables. Apart from the material and shape, console tables also vary by color, finish, features and style and these are all reflected in their prices.

Getting a Console Table

When getting a table, it is always good to plan in advance the location for the table in the home. Some of the recommended locations include the entrance or foyers of homes, passageways, libraries, bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. Once this has been determined, then the right size of table that will fit into the place can then be shopped for. The internet is a very useful tool for getting console tables especially since it provides a good opportunity for comparing tables from different stores, so don’t hesitate to use it judiciously.

Modern Console Table

When it comes to furnishing a house there are many different options you can go for. Many people prefer classical decorations with wooden furniture and others, including me, always go for a modern, glamorous look. An integral part of every house is its console tables and there is a perfectly good reason why this is true. A console table is perfect for each and every room because there are so many different types available. You can get anything from an outdoor console table to one for the outdoors and you can get them all in different shapes, sizes and made of different material.

What we are here to talk about however are the benefits that you can get by adding a modern console table in the group of furniture in your house. First of all, a modern console table should only be used when the environment it is placed in is also modern. Placing one in a classical home will make the table stand out and this is something we don’t want. The material used to make it does not necessarily classify the table as modern or classic but most often than not, modern console tables are made of either plastic or glass. The main thing that classifies a console table as contemporary is its design.

Out of all the different types, when it comes to contemporary pieces, I always prefer a half moon, mirrored design. This is made of a particular type of glass that also works as a mirror. I believe that this is as contemporary as it gets and if you like modern looking furniture, this should blow your mind.

Of course, on the other hand, there are many more designs that you can go for like a Lucite console table that can work great for a living room. Make sure you choose one that matches the interiors of your house generally and I’m quite sure you will be safe!

There is nothing more elegant and practical than console tables and I’m sure that you can all agree. Take as much time as you need in order to find the one that matches both the interiors of your house and your personality and taste. Keep in mind that choosing your furniture is a process that will normally take quite a long time and this make sense since they are supposed to last for long. Imagine how much it would cost if you had to buy a different dining table and chairs every now and then. The same holds for a console table so take as much time as you think is appropriate!

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